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Good Morning,Love |  LISTEN

" A typical morning waking up next to your one and only love.."

A Sehun fanmix.

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Anonymous said:
Since the rumours of an SNSD member leaving came to light earlier in the year, it was speculated that if Jessica left she would take Krystal with her. What do you think the chances are of that happening? I don't think f(x) could survive losing her.


NO. I am certain that Krystal will NOT leave f(x). From what I’ve garnered from news articles on koreaboo, SM simply stated that they have removed Jessica from SNSD, but she is still under SM. (I’m slightly confused as to whether it was actually Jessica’s decision to leave SNSD to pursue her personal interests but what stands is that she is still under SM’s management right now.) But in the event that Jessica leaves, I still am certain that Krystal will stay on.

Foremost, f(x). I trust that the bond between the five members are strong enough to keep her here. I really believe that. Even if Jessica leaves, it’s not the end of the world for her. Krystal will still be able to keep in contact with her and such (they’re sisters pls) and also that there’s so so so much going on for f(x) right now that it would really hurt everyone if she left f(x) (& SM) as well. (Remember the scene in J&K where Jessica was telling Krystal to provide as much support as possible for someone close to her who was going through a very hard time!!) Anyone can see that the bond between f(x) is so goddamn strong even if SM doesn’t give two shits about them half/most of the time.

Secondly, Krystal has so many projects that she’s undertaking in SM, such as her lead role in ‘My Lovely Girl’, sub-units etc. It would be in her best interests that she stay on and continue and complete them. And also, to the public eye, Krystal’s ties with SM have not been strained thus far yet. In fact, in SM’s most probable POV, she’s one important money-making aspect. They won’t kick her out/let her leave.

To some extent, yes, there’s a possibility (but I truly believe that the chances are extremely minimal) that Krystal would leave with Jessica. But let’s just not entertain that thought and keep calm and stick with ot5.

So yes, I strongly believe Krystal will stay in SM, with f(x).

It’s no doubt that Krystal is an extremely important member of f(x). She’s the face of the group and the lead vocalist. Definitely, f(x) literally cannot function without her. But then and again, f(x) cannot function at all without all five members present. f(x) hasn’t been functioning to their best since Sulli’s issues came to light, simply because it was ot4, not ot5. I have faith in f(x) that they will pull through all these tough times and stick with one another through to the very end as five. (Note: f(x) has NOT lost Krystal, or any of their members. Speculations are speculations, not grounded justifications.)

I’m pretty annoyed with SM this year because recent events have reflected their extremely poor management skills, which has eventually impacted their employees most severely (and not to mention, the fans). But the takeaway from this long ass post is that lets all just have faith in Krystal and Jessica to make the right decisions by themselves, for themselves.

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tao’s reaction to sehun hitting him with a pillow (poor minseok) ©

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maknae’s enjoying his BJ

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who will be the heroes of ikon
↳ hanbin
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